2.0.6 / June 14, 2017
(4.5/5) (3.99,986)


Archery hunting game is now on cell phone! Archery Hunter 3D is the most realistic archery simulation game for you. Archery hunter 3D delivers realistic archery experience that features stunning 3D graphics. Enjoy the jungle hunt through archery as it is sizzling idea for jungle hunt lovers. To shoot animals with gun as an expert sniper is exciting but hunting animals with arrow and bow will take you to ancient times. Playing this game you will feel that as you have reached the ancient times 'The Stone Age' through time machine. In ancient times archery was the main weapon to attack enemies (either human or animals) or to defend yourself. So from childhood to old age everybody spent time to become expert in archery. Bow hunting or arrow hunting is different from gun hunting in terms of violence level. In game play you have dual option either shoot when you are riding or shoot when running in jungle. As you play game your archery skills and interest will increase. It's challenging game as you have to shoot and kill in limited time slab otherwise stag will attack and kill you. Features: * Awesome jungle 3D environment * Dual option either hunt on horse or on foot running in jungle. * Amazing third person game. * Hunting furious stags. * Must improve your skill to clear next levels. * Amazing riding and then archery experience. * Unlimited arrows but limited time to attack So get ready for hunting jungle animals, with the most addictive real jungle hunt ideas. You might have experienced hunting jungle animals in many jungle hunting games but this is the best free jungle hunting game with horse archery games action and fun of jungle hunter. If you are a fan of jungle hunt games, animal hunting games and jungle games with horse & archery fun then you must not miss this.

App Information Archery Hunter 3D

Archery Hunter 3D

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